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complete all glass hand railing systems

PRL located just outside Los Angeles, California offers complete state of the art all glass railing, handrails and guard railing systems. We manufacture and extrude most of the railing components in house. Consult our all glass hand railing staff for special design and engineering. Our team is ready to go work for you. Send us your glass handrail specifications and let PRL take care of the rest! All you have to do is the installation.

At PRL Glass we in house manufacture complete handrail systems, options to fit all your architectural guard railing and handrail design needs:

  • Dry & wet glazed guard and hand railing systems.
  • Stainless steel post support or stand offs systems.
  • Manufacture of ASTM 6063 T5 or 6005 T6 Aluminum guard and railing systems
  • Offering Large varieties of glass handrail styles and design specifications
  • Architectural manufacture of Std top cap mounts
  • Specifications Glass offset mounts
  • Leading Manufacturer of all Wall mount systems
  • Specializing in Architectural Specifications and Shop drawings to meet all your one stop shop manufacturing needs
  • Custom Engineering and Design (send us your dimensions and we will take care of the rest)

Because all of our handrail systems, components and hardware are manufactured in-house we give you the advantage of competitive pricing and fastest lead times in the industry. Why waste time shopping around when you can order all your glass and hand railing materials from one source!

Please feel free to contact our technical handrail and architectural design department for answers to all your manufacture needs Toll Free 877-775-2586.

Complete Handrail Manufacturer, Specs and Designs

Traditional Wet Set Handrail Systems and Architectural Specifications
Wet-glazed handrail system details

  • High compression cement
  • Conventional wet glazed installation

Rapid High and Low Profile Handrail Systems offered for Dry and Wet Set Applications
Standard and Mini Rapid Base Shoe PLMRDSHRB Architectural Handrail Specifications

Dry-set Handrail Base shoe PLDSHRB specifications

  • Precision Bolt Assembly
  • Fast, easy to install!
  • Aluminum anodized – clear and dark bronze
  • Clad – Stainless / Brass polished or satin
  • Proven Labor Saver
  • Dry-set Handrail Base shoe
  • More economical (less weight)
  • Lighter (easier on for the installer to move around)
  • Mounting pressure plate for dry set (no special tools required)
  • Interchange cover plates (for both applications)
  • High quality anodized covers (no break line)
  • We can not be beat when it comes to anodized price and quality!
  • Easy drop in covers without tape or silicone
  • Easily replaceable covers in the event of damage or color change

Infinity Series Aluminum Guardrail and Handrail Architectural Specifications
Infinity Handrail Architectural Specifications

  • Floor Post Mount Systems
  • Aluminum Modular Railing Systems
  • Standard Glass Railing and Guardrail Systems
  • Topless Glass Railing Systems
  • Glass and Aluminum Fencing Systems
  • Glass Pool Surround Systems
  • Wind and Privacy Wall Systems
  • Architectural Glass Gate Systems
  • Custom Guardrail / Handrail Specifications all Engineered to provide maximum strength using: ASTM 6063 T5 or 6005 T6 Aluminum

Elegante Stand-off Railing Systems, Handrails and Guardrail Architectural Specifications
Flat End Cap Elegante Architectural Railing Systems and Specifications
Round End Cap Elegante Architectural Railing Systems and Specifications

  • Offset Surface Mount
  • Flat end cap systems
  • Round end cap systems
  • Stainless Steel Tubing
  • Stainless Steel Stand Off Base and End Cap with Mounting Plate
  • PRL offers customized manufacturing to fit the most contemporary stand off railing systems

Flex Post Handrail/Guardrail System

PRL’s “Flex” Stainless Steel Railing is the ideal solution for numerous interior and exterior railing applications.

FLEX POST System is a very attractive and versatile railing system providing the designer a wide variety of creative options. The sleek posts are manufactured from stainless steel tubing, making them very strong and suitable for interior or exterior applications. Because of their unique “flexible design” they are well suited for use where special angles are required. A radius appearance can be achieved using flat glass with the posts located at segmented positions. Designed for use with ½” tempered glass or 9/16″ tempered laminated glass the FLEX SYSTEM provides the strength and protection of a rail system with a clean, contemporary look. Posts are provided ready to install with glass fasteners attached. Powder coated finishes are also available upon request. We welcome your inquiries for more information or quotations.

Glass Railing Illuminated by LED Lighting

PRL’s Rapid Railing System is breaking boundaries in innovation by integrating LED strip lighting for ambiance design concepts in residential and commercial projects. This allows you to now create your handrails and guardrails as the focal points of your showcase. Low iron glass is recommended for the best results.

The Rapid’s top cap and bottom base have raceways which allow for LED strip lighting installation.

Also by adding a simple remote controlled PWD LED dimmer (using a 60W plug in power supply) you can easily bring light to your custom railing at any time and from anywhere. This railing system is very simple, fast to install, and a money labor saver. Our goal is to supply the glazing contractor with a fully customized and complete railing system. We are able to handle the entire job for you. Our railing division staff is ready to assist you on your next project. Please send us your dimensions and we will take care of the rest.

The Rapid Railing System performs like no other and is proven to be a money saver!

PRL Glass prides itself as being your One Stop Shop and leading In House manufacturer of all architectural glass and aluminum handrail systems, components and hardware.

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